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General Questions

Q. What's the source of the name?

The name is an homage to the Smalltalk origins of the language. "Small talk" is informal conversation and, as Wikipedia explains it:

Causerie (from French, "talk, chat") is a literary style of short informal essays mostly unknown in the English-speaking world.

The idea is that the language is short and to the point -- simple -- without a syntax that is overly rigid. The translation of "causerie" as "chat" is what lent itself to the logo: the bird depicted is a stylized European robin, which belongs to a group of birds known as chats.

Q. Okay, so how do you pronounce the name?

As I understand French (and bear in mind that I took Spanish in high school), it sort of sounds like "cozy": "KOH-zer-ee". At least, that's how I say it. Someone who knows French may want to correct me at some point.



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